Ariana Lenarsky & Joey Dosik + Tarot Reading

S2 E9 Dec 11, 2019

I’m the witch! Ariana Lenarsky (What’s Your Deal? Podcast, Dream City Tarot) and Joey Dosik (Game Winner, Inside Voice) join Agata and Anastasia to tell the tale of their magical Denver Nuggets adventure during the 2019 playoffs. Also Ariana pulls tarot cards to explore NBA friendships. And Joey tells adorable stories about meeting Magic and performing the National Anthem. Will the episode be interrupted by a cute dog eating toilet paper? You really must listen to find out!

Anastasia, Joey, Ariana & Agata + pup friend
Tarot spread for LeBron James & Anthony Davis
Tarot spread for Kawhi Leonard & Paul George
Tarot spread for James Harden & Russell Westbrook
Tarot spread for Luka Dončić
Tarot spread for our fantasy league