Pistons vs Clippers

S1 E13 Jan 16, 2019

A bittersweet reunion! Agata and Anastasia discuss Blake Griffin and the Pistons’ dramatic clash with the Clippers. Agata and Producer Gabe attended the game at Staples Center, bought hats, and did their part as distractions behind the basket, while Anastasia sneaked peeks of the play-by-play at work. We were all so happy to reunite to record this ep. Was LA happy to see their Blakey boy again? Were Agata and Gabe captured on TV during the game? Listen and the answer is yours! #ClipClop

Blake's Butt
Agata & Producer Gabe w/ BamBams
Our dumb faces on TV
Chuck and the hot dog gun
Kid Condor being a real goof