Jon Mackey + Movie Review: Forget Paris (1995)

S3 E28 May 5, 2021

It should be nice! Jon Mackey (Big Grande, How Ya Been? with Brett DeMott) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss the hit Billy Crystal film Forget Paris (1995). Jon also shares his love of the 90’s Bulls and dressing like Luc Longley for Halloween. The gang also chats Gregg Popovich, Michael Jordan’s fax, Bill Gates, how TikTok is fake, kissing feedback, Marge Simpson, David Sanborn, the shape of Patrick Ewing’s head, Montell Jordan, diarrhea words, interesting Australians, William Hickey, and jizz mishaps. Will this this movie make the gang think true love doesn’t exist? Maybe, but you gotta listen to find out!