Movie Review: Thunderstruck (2012)

S1 E14 Jan 23, 2019

Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Agata and Anastasia watch Kevin Durant’s star turn in Thunderstruck (2012). They discuss the great performances by KD, Steve Kerr, and Rumble the Bison, as well as the surprising lack of thunder in the movie. The gals play a game created by Producer Gabe, inspired by the two Belushis in this film. Who wins the Dunkies in this tale of talent vs. hard work? Well, I’ll tell you now, it’s not hard work.

Pistons vs Clippers

S1 E13 Jan 16, 2019

A bittersweet reunion! Agata and Anastasia discuss Blake Griffin and the Pistons’ dramatic clash with the Clippers. Agata and Producer Gabe attended the game at Staples Center, bought hats, and did their part as distractions behind the basket, while Anastasia sneaked peeks of the play-by-play at work. We were all so happy to reunite to record this ep. Was LA happy to see their Blakey boy again? Were Agata and Gabe captured on TV during the game? Listen and the answer is yours! #ClipClop

Blake's Butt
Agata & Producer Gabe w/ BamBams
Our dumb faces on TV
Chuck and the hot dog gun
Kid Condor being a real goof

Grizzlies vs Spurs

S1 E12 Jan 9, 2019

Suspense and surprises abound! Agata and Anastasia talk power poses and vision boards as they face the new year head on! Then they swoop in to discuss the Grizzlies-Spurs matchup as these two teams battle for the Best Hair Dunkie, with a twist ending so shocking that it might tear the gals apart! Will the villainous Spurs mascot, The Coyote, scare our dynamic duo? Or will the gals fly free on the wings of the arena pigeon? Tune in to find out!

Nick Wiger + Bulls vs Wizards

S1 E11 Jan 2, 2019

A new year, a new guest! Nick Wiger (Doughboys Podcast; I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman) joins Agata and Anastasia to watch a messy matchup, Bulls vs Wizards. Nick tells the gals about his basketball history and his love for the Lakers, while they all celebrate LeBron’s birthday. They also ruminate on arena eats, fandom, married refs, All Star voting etiquette, and the long lost LeBron pizza at Blaze. Who is Archie Diacono? Did Robin Lopez fight a mascot during this game? Make a resolution to listen and find out!

Anastasia, Nick and Agata

Game Review: NBA 2K19

S1 E10 Dec 26, 2018

A holiday shortie! Agata and Anastasia discuss holiday plans, family drama, drinking creme, and NBA 2K19 for Steam PC. They create their own players, design shoes, and try to figure out how to stop fouling while mashing those buttons. They recap the game they played in 2K19, possibly the lowest scoring game in NBA history, and give feedback to the game developers. Did anyone figure out how to dunk? Hark! And you will find out!

Agata, Santa and Anastasia
Shoes designed by Anastasia
Shoes designed by Agata
Agato Horsely, created by Agata
Penny Buckets, created by Anastasia
Producer Gabe's face-scan nightmare

Ariana Lenarsky + Basketball Tarot

S1 E9 Dec 19, 2018

‘Tis the Season of the Witch! Agata and Anastasia are joined by Denver Nuggets fan & tarot reader Ariana Lenarsky (Dream City Tarot) for a full rundown of those Mile High boys. Ariana explains her history with Southern California witchcraft and picking the winning team. Then, she does a tarot reading for Agata and Anastasia with a special basketball spread, revealing the hidden mysteries of their romantic and professional souls. Will Agata get some smooches in the New Year? Will Anastasia be filing for unemployment soon? You must listen to see what the cards hold!

Anastasia, Ariana and Agata
Robota, The Wicked Witch of the West
Agata's cards
Anastasia's cards

Mark Fox + Nuggets vs Hornets

S1 E8 Dec 12, 2018

We’re Buzz City bound! Insect expert Mark Fox joins the gals to talk about hornets and how they’re different than bees. Don’t mix the two! They find out a big surprise about the Hornets mascot Hugo and what that stinger is actually used for. They also discuss the Nuggets-Hornets game, beautiful sandwiches, reacharounds, practical tattoos, and strategic chanting. Who gets the Dunkie for Best Butt? Well I guess you’ll just have to listen to find out.

We got gifts! Steph and Lebron candles, courtesy of Dave Dwonch w/ OutOfMyMindCo

Mavericks vs Rockets

S1 E7 Dec 5, 2018

A Texas duel, y’all! Agata and Anastasia watch the Mavericks (Agata’s hometown boys) take on the Rockets in Houston. They dote on baby boy Luka Dončić, admire busy bee J.J. Barea, swoon over cool Clint Capela, and discuss PJ Tucker’s pancake habit. The gals also look into LeBron’s diet, and comment on the homophobia and transphobia in and around the NBA. Who is dubbed bad boy or cutie of the week this week? I reckon you oughta listen to find out, partner.

Trail Blazers vs Bucks

S1 E6 Nov 28, 2018

We’re going #Buckwild! Agata and Anastasia watch the Trail Blazers-Bucks game and quickly fall in love with this Milwaukee team. They discuss the Greek Freak, a possible sport coat mascot, and why the Trail Blazers’ jerseys make them think of farts. They also get into the rain in Oakland, Dirk Nowitzki’s key to the city, and how the Western rankings are bananas right now. Want to know what the Dunktown crew did for Thanksgiving? Listen for the shocking answer!

Hayes Davenport + Warriors vs Clippers

S1 E5 Nov 21, 2018

We have a guest! Hayes Davenport (The Flagrant Ones, Hollywood Handbook, LA Podcast) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss Staples Center dining, player nicknames, mental health, and all the drama in the NBA this season. Hayes educates the gals on different types of fouls and trade rules, while complimenting them on their creative verb choices. Also, they talk about the fight between KD and Draymond during the Warriors-Clippers game they attended. Did they get a good look at the action? Ya gotta listen to find out, baby!

Hayes with Anastasia & Agata
Can you spot Anastasia's new friend (as mentioned in the episode) peeking over her shoulder?
The "Free Gift" scam 😠
We were so close to the Jump Ball action