Joe Mande

S3 E15 Feb 3, 2021

Penis Punch! Joe Mande (The Good Place) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss the news. Joe shares his love of Lao Gan Ma, his sadness for the Timberwolves, and how The Week of Hats came about. The gang chats Karl Anthony Towns & Jordyn Woods, cults, Anthony Edwards (the basketball player), Anthony Edwards (the actor), sending texts to the wrong person, Layshia Clarendon, covid-sniffing dogs, basketball in casinos, Top Gun, and eating ass. Will the show digress into a deep examination of reality shows? Please listen to find out!

Agata, Anastasia & Joe

Katelyn Hempstead + Movie Review: Teen Wolf (1985)

S3 E14 Jan 27, 2021

Gonna Win in the End! Katelyn Hempstead (Lizard People) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss the iconic and problematic basketball film Teen Wolf (1985). Katelyn shares her thoughts on short kings, James Harden, and fundamentalist evangelical lifestyle bloggers. The gang discusses slapping elderly neighbors, big parent energy, fuck Shaq, Sex and the City, Donovan Mitchell, twins, The Good Wife, Michael J. Fox, childhood crushes, Stiles, boring free throws, beavers, and wolf powers. Will the gang be impressed by van surfing? You simply must listen to find out!

Agata, Anastasia & Katelyn

Noor Zainab

S3 E13 Jan 20, 2021

Not Light in the Butt! Noor Zainab (Dishes and Dimes) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss NBA news. Noor shares her love for the Raptors, her lockdown blues, and how she celebrated the championship. The gang discusses Kawhi, polite Canadians, parades, covid protocol, women in sports media, Blake Griffin, Kyrie’s party, worms, Kiwis Abroad, KAT, postponed games, lush towels, and Tampa Bay, Florida. Will the gang make plans for a tour around the world post-pandemic? You’ll hear the answer if you press play!

Anastasia, Noor & Agata

Isaiah Lester + Bulls vs Lakers

S3 E12 Jan 13, 2021

Be You, Kuz! Isaiah Lester (Black-ish, My Brother’s Sneaker) joins Agata and Anastasia to watch the Bulls take on the Lakers. Isaiah shares his favorite shoes of 2020, his love for the Lakers, and his thoughts on league fashion. The gang chats Kelly Loeffler, covid protocol, Sixer’s diminished team, Steph’s career high, players’ responses to the attack on the Capitol, THT, Kuzma’s influencer career, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, snitch Tristan Thompson, Coby White’s mane, and how friendship wins in the end. Will the gang recognize the nice young men of this Bulls roster? Gotta listen to find out!

Anastasia, Agata & Isaiah

Burger Dinner

S3 E11 Jan 6, 2021

Boys with Big Appetites! Agata and Anastasia enjoy some hamburgers with Producer Gabe. Gabe shares some basketball and burger related content. The gang also chats the robot revolution, Whataburger, taking up smoking, Joel Embiid, the end of the world, burger toppings, cheat days, sweet potato fries, Bam Adebayo, long lines at In-N-Out, the Ball Arena, vegan players, and the Boban Burger. Will the gang get arrested by the beef police? You must hear this ep to find out!

Anastasia & Agata

Basketball Cameos [Unlocked Patreon Bonus!]

S3 E10 Dec 30, 2020

Barnacles! Agata and Anastasia watch clips of movies and TV shows provided by Producer Gabe featuring cameos by NBA players. The gang chats Boban, Tom Kenny, Baby Giannis, sparkling beverages, Klingons, Jon Daly, Hanukkah, Anthony Davis, and John Stamos keepin it tight. How many surprises does Producer Gabe have up his sleeve? Listen to this ep for the answer!

Nitz Bluv + Warriors vs Nets

S3 E9 Dec 23, 2020

Opening Night! Nitz Bluv (Want Not Need Fund) joins Agata and Anastasia to watch the Warriors face the Nets in the opening game of the NBA season. Nitz shares her disappointment with the Warriors, her love for her parents, and the beauty of having a one bedroom apartment. The gang chats Giannis’s big decision, Andrew Wiggins, Kyrie’s sage, Steph’s hair, James Harden partying, finals predicitons, and dramaless KD. Will Kelly Oubre Jr. receive all of the love and admiration that he deserves? Press play to find out!

Anastasia, Agata & Nitz

Mark Fox, Andy Kneis & Kevin O’Brien + Fantasy Draft 2020

S3 E8 Dec 16, 2020

Fantasy Freaks! Mark Fox (Lovin’ Learnin’ About Bugs), Andy Kneis (The Flagrant Ones), & Kevin O’Brien (The Official the Orville Podcast) join Agata and Anastasia once again to draft players for their fantasy teams. The gang discusses the chaos of last season’s fantasy league. They also chat Luka, capitalism, the draft jingle, sick bass licks, beautiful voices, beautiful butts, Baby LaMelo Ball, Nerlens Noel, & the Kama Sutra. Who will draft the highly coveted cutie Kelly Oubre Jr.? You gotta check out this ep to find out!

The Fantasy Freaks

Cody Ziglar + TV Review: The Office (US) – “Basketball” (S1 E5)

S3 E7 Dec 9, 2020

Happy Birthday Kelly Oubre! Cody Ziglar (She-Hulk, The Dark Weeb) joins Agata and Anastasia to watch an episode of the Office. Zig shares his NBA Jam memories, his love for Baby Yoda, and his affinity for flashy sweat suits. The gang chats Dwight Schrute, Kelly Oubre’s engagement, weed testing, Gundams, downtown, the NBA’s health & safety guide, Kevin making buckets, James Harden partying, intramural sports, Michael Scott, teen fans, and Stanley’s dribbling. Will Agata and Anastasia challenge The Office Ladies to a game of 2 on 2? Listen to find out!

Anastasia, Agata & Zig

Air Buds + Restaurant Review: Big Chicken

S3 E6 Dec 2, 2020

Bok Bok, Baby! Mike Benner, Jamel Johnson, & Peter Moses (the Air Buds) join Agata & Anastasia to discuss one of Shaq’s restaurants: Big Chicken. The Buds share their relationship with LaVar Ball, the commercials stuck in their brains, and the misadventures of Pod Star Weekend. The gang discusses Jamel’s Lyft Line adventures, tall dudes, Shaq’s many businesses, Wilford Brimley, medium dick energy, fights at the Popeyes, the love of dippin’, The Spice Boys, a Hollywood goat, and the Costco Connection magazine. Did Jamel eat the very risky Nashville hot fish sandwich from Arby’s? Check out this ep for the answer!

Anastasia, Peter, Mike, Agata & Jamel (clockwise from top left)