What We’ve Learned So Far

S3 E3 Nov 11, 2020

Classic Clip Show! Agata and Anastasia listen to their previously-unheard pilot episodes and see how far they’ve come. The gang discusses Emperor Trudeau’s invasion, ghost stories, changing Agata’s diaper, the original Dunktown logo, fingering LeBron, swapping beds, Doris Burke love, the birth of sound drops, NBA porn parodies, and stop hating yourself! Will the gang ever figure out what a pick and roll is? You really have to listen to find out!

Katelyn Hempstead & Andy Kneis + Movie Review: The Way Back (2020)

S3 E2 Nov 4, 2020

Shower Beers! Katelyn Hempstead (Lizard People) and Andy Kneis (The Flagrant Ones) join Agata and Anastasia to watch depressing Ben Affleck film, The Way Back. The gang all look at Chris Evans’s dick pic together and then discuss therapy, Ask Jeeves, foster kittens, addiction, Michaela Watkins, the horny kid, plot twists, divorce, Al Madrigal, Long Neck Bottle, and movies that dads are allowed to cry to. Will Anastasia ever help a celebrity? You should listen for the answer!

Anastasia, Katelyn, Agata & Andy

Payman Benz + Movie Review: White Men Can’t Jump (1992)

S3 E1 Oct 28, 2020

Vote! Payman Benz (Robbie, Black Monday) joins Agata and Anastasia to watch the 1992 hit movie White Men Can’t Jump. Payman shares his pandemic dating experience, his reluctance to direct in sweats, and his Clippers sadness. The gang chats Doc Rivers, LeBron reading Hunger Games, Giannis in Miami, the Real World, Save the Last Dance, Best Actor Marques Johnson, Jeopardy!, crushing on Rosie Perez, Dwayne Wayne, making out while driving, Lainey, and Sizzler. Will the gang implore you to vote? Gotta listen to find out!

Anastasia, Payman & Agata

J.E. Skeets + The 2020 Dunkie Awards

S2 E54 Oct 21, 2020

Risking it all to be horny! J.E. Skeets (No Dunks podcast) joins Agata and Anastasia to give out Dunkie Awards for the 2019-2020 season. Skeets shares his Raptors love, behind-the-scenes for the Starters, and Kyle Lowry’s butt. The gang chats Ja’s big slammies, sweet Boban, OG’s dry demeanor, the Bucks boycott, Jimmy’s transformation, Vote Warnock, Breanna Stewart, Meyers’s beer chugging, the Balkan Boys, hugging in a hot tub, and who scored the most points. Will we ever find out who Skeets would kiss? Gotta listen to this ep for the answer!

Anastasia, Skeets & Agata

Yassir Lester + Heat vs Lakers (NBA Finals, Game 5)

S2 E53 Oct 14, 2020

Lakeshow! Yassir Lester (Black Monday, My Brother’s Sneaker) joins Agata and Anastasia to watch the Lakers battle it out with the Heat. Yassir shares his sneaker collection, his history as a Lakers fan, his friendship with Sue Bird, and his experience writing for the NBA Awards. The gang discusses Kawhi’s strong hair follicles, killing Tyler Herro, kissing Brandon Ingram, Seattle Storm’s championship, Klay Thompson’s Nerf gun, evil billionaires, legacy team pressure, and Duncan Robinson’s career change. Will there be a Yassir Lester meal at McDonald’s? You simply must listen to find out!

Anastasia, Agata & Yassir

Raiza Licea + Heat vs Lakers (NBA Finals, Game 2)

S2 E52 Oct 7, 2020

Heat Bruja! Raiza Licea (Spanish Aquí Presents) joins Agata and Anastasia to watch the Heat face off with the Lakers. Raiza shares her love for Miami, her attraction to Anthony Davis, and the difficulties of having a Laker fan boyfriend. The gang chats grocery shopping with Kawhi, meeting Dirk & Steve, Stewie’s mom, rappin’ Tyler Herro, LeBron’s booty bounce, underwear sizes, Jimmy faxing at McDonald’s, the LA Municipal Women’s Basketball League, bubble babies, and grumpy grandpa Udonis Haslem. Does the gang will the Heat to a win? You really need to listen to find out!

Anastasia, Agata & Raiza
Raiza & Rick Fox
Raiza & Dwyane Wade

Jordan Ligons + Lynx vs Storm (WNBA Semifinals, Game 2)

S2 E51 Sep 30, 2020

CaruShow! Jordan Ligons (The Ringer) joins Agata and Anastasia to watch the Lynx take on the Storm. She shares her love for the Lakers, her thoughts on LeBron, and her memories of the Sacramento Monarchs. The gang chats new favorite player Jewell Loyd, Jordyn Woods’s birthday presents, Jimmy Buckets’ love for Tyler Herro, Odyssey Sims’s baby boy, drama queen Anthony Davis, Cheryl Reeve’s yelling, and Napheesa Collier’s big block on Stewie. Will the gang explain why Anthony Davis smelled his finger in celebration? Gotta listen to find out!

Anastasia, Agata & Jordan

Katie Heindl + Heat vs Celtics (Eastern Conference Finals, Game 2)

S2 E50 Sep 23, 2020

Big Bammy Slammy! Katie Heindl (Basketball Feelings, Uhh…Basketball?, Dishes and Dimes) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals. She shares her love of Amir Johnson, her role in naming the Raptors, and Toronto’s wild streets after the championship. The gang chats PJ Tucker’s lips, Big Face Coffee, the Clippers’ devastating loss, Tyler Herro’s capitalist tattoos, Giannis’s 2nd MVP, how LeBron’s fine, Maya Moore, and the child coach, Baby Brad Stevens. Will the gang hear a behind the scenes story about Serge Ibaka’s scarf? Check out this episode for the answer!

Jason Concepcion

S2 E49 Sep 16, 2020

Son hunting! Jason Concepcion (The Connect, Binge Mode, NBA Desktop) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss round 2 of the NBA playoffs. He shares the best places to spot celebs, his opinion of the show Castle, and George R. R. Martin hijinks. The gang discusses Danuel House’s romance, influencer parties, Gordon Hayward and Jaylen Brown’s relationship, Agata in the virtual crowd, Kawhi’s middle finger, and Nick Nurse squatting. Is there a #Heatwave sweeping the nation? Best listen to find out!

Agata, Anastasia & Jason

Ariana Lenarsky

S2 E48 Sep 9, 2020

Butter Beater! Ariana Lenarsky (Dream City Tarot) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss the NBA playoffs. She shares her thoughts on the Nuggets’ playoff run, her informal witch apprenticeship, and spiritual tips for these difficult times. The gang chats OG Anunoby’s coolness, Bucks boyfriends, Ja’s daddy dance, Trezz’s sixth man award, Michael Malone’s full head of hair, Agata’s heat prediction, Harden’s jump, and Jamal Murray’s new hair. Will Ariana have to marry Brook Lopez? You gotta listen to find out!

Anastasia, Agata, & Ariana