Ariana Lenarsky & Joey Dosik + Tarot Reading

S2 E9 Dec 11, 2019

I’m the witch! Ariana Lenarsky (What’s Your Deal? Podcast, Dream City Tarot) and Joey Dosik (Game Winner, Inside Voice) join Agata and Anastasia to tell the tale of their magical Denver Nuggets adventure during the 2019 playoffs. Also Ariana pulls tarot cards to explore NBA friendships. And Joey tells adorable stories about meeting Magic and performing the National Anthem. Will the episode be interrupted by a cute dog eating toilet paper? You really must listen to find out!

Anastasia, Joey, Ariana & Agata + pup friend
Tarot spread for LeBron James & Anthony Davis
Tarot spread for Kawhi Leonard & Paul George
Tarot spread for James Harden & Russell Westbrook
Tarot spread for Luka Dončić
Tarot spread for our fantasy league

Josiah Johnson + Wizards vs Lakers

S2 E8 Dec 4, 2019

Butter Beer! Josiah Johnson (@kingjosiah54) joins Agata and Anastasia to watch the Wizards face the Lakers. They chat about Josiah’s history playing basketball, having an NBA player as a dad, and how he got so good at Twitter. They also crack up about Sam Cassell wrinkling Ty Lue’s suit, discuss what LeBron’s Thanksgiving plate might have looked like, and admire the cuteness of Bradley Beal. Will a disagreement over Kuzma’s hairstyle break up the gang? Listen to find out!

Anastasia, Josiah & Agata

Payman Benz + Pelicans vs Clippers

S2 E7 Nov 27, 2019

Peege! Payman Benz (Black Monday) joins Agata and Anastasia to watch the Pelicans take on the Clippers at Staples Center. They ponder all the big questions like where can you wear a jersey, will Pat Bev start more beef, and is it ever a good idea to put glitter in your hair. The gang also chat about Payman’s superfan video with the Clippers, the new garlic tots in Staples Center, and the many cuties on the Pelicans led by Papa Jrue. Will there be a discussion about Kawhi’s huge arms? You really must listen to find out!

Anastasia, Payman & Agata
Anastasia & Agata, beglittered
Modified Chris Paul Clippers jersey

Joe Mande + Rockets vs Timberwolves

S2 E6 Nov 20, 2019

Git er Dunn! Joe Mande (Parks and Recreation, The Good Place) joins Agata and Anastasia to watch the Rockets face the Timberwolves. Joe’s tells the gals about meeting Roy Hibbert, the best arenas he’s been to, the Step Up film franchise, and his appearance on a Kobe player card. The gang also creates new rules for 3 pointers, learns that Chris Clemons is a player, and tries to get their photo on the Timberwolves’ jumbotron. Which team will win the Dunkie for most beard? Gotta listen!

Agata, Joe & Anastasia
Joe on a Kobe Bryant basketball card 📷: @joemande

Shea Serrano + Celtics vs Spurs

S2 E5 Nov 13, 2019

And other things! Shea Serrano (Movies (And Other Things), The Ringer) joins Agata and Anastasia to sort of watch the Celtics battle it out with the Spurs. They discuss the Big 3 Spurs and how they always took down Anastasia’s Sunny Boys and Agata’s Mavs. They also chat LV Aces, Waiters’s weed gummy incident, The Coyote’s lack of pants, and Tim Duncan being cool. Shea also details the excitement of the Oregon Ducks’ win against the US Womens National Basketball Team. Will there be an update on the Dunktown Fantasy League? You better listen to find out!

Jarvis Johnson + Movie Review: High School Musical

S2 E4 Nov 6, 2019

Get’cha head in the game! Jarvis Johnson (YouTuber and HSM aficionado) joins Agata and Anastasia to watch the famous basketball movie, High School Musical. They excitedly detail every sneaker squeak, hat, catchphrase t-shirt, and harmony in this classic Disney Channel original film. The gang also discusses Zac Efron’s nipples, Sharpay’s horniness, Mrs. Darbus’s accent, and Coach Daddy’s obsession with faking right. What team? Well, you’ll just have to listen to this episode for the answer!

Anastasia, Jarvis and Agata

Mark Fox & Kevin O’Brien + Fantasy Draft

S2 E3 Oct 30, 2019

He’s got a broken face! Kevin O’Brien and Mark Fox join Agata, Anastasia, and Producer Gabe to draft their fantasy NBA teams. The gals are doing this for the first time and they learn the harsh realities of loss when another team picks their favorite cuties. They chat strategy and are dismayed when Andy Kneis gets the best team on autodraft. Will friendship be the best draft pick in the end? Gotta listen to find out!

Anastasia, Kevin & Agata

Pelicans vs Raptors

S2 E2 Oct 23, 2019

Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-basketball! Agata and Anastasia watch the Pelicans challenge the Raptors in the NBA season opener. They chat swingy dunks, young Pelican cuties, and the Raptors’ giant championship rings. The gang also discuss wild season predictions, Paul George’s tuxedo, Luka and Bobi’s friendship, and tear buckets. Will things get loopy during this late night recording? Check out this episode for the answer!

Jacquis Neal + Preseason: Nuggets vs Clippers

S2 E1 Oct 16, 2019

A new season! Jacquis Neal (Culture Kings, I’m Your Host) joins Agata and Anastasia to watch a preseason scrimmage between the Nuggets and Clippers at Staples Center. He tells the exciting story of growing up in Chicago during the Jordan era, playing pick up with Candace Parker, and loving the Looney Tunes. The gang also chat about free t-shirts, meeting Chuck the Condor, and catching a glimpse of Kawhi on the court as a Clipper. Who wins the “I’m not a baby anymore” Dunkie? Gotta listen, dude!

Jacquis, Agata and Anastasia
Hugs from Chuck

Graham Elwood + Mystics vs Sun (Finals Game 3)

S1 E52 Oct 9, 2019

Suck it Arizona! Graham Elwood joins Agata and Anastasia to watch the Sun challenge the Mystics in Game 3 of the WNBA Finals. Graham explains why he’s an MJ stan for life and how he got into the WNBA. The gang chats about Dame’s tattoos, Sparks GM drama, and athlete musicians. They also get into the power of the Mystics bench, getting loud WNBA crowds, and Holly Rowe’s rude cake etiquette. Who will win the Dunkie for Best Dunk? The answer might surprise you!

Anastasia, Graham & Agata