Megan Gailey + 30 for 30 for 30: Winning Time – Reggie Miller vs The New York Knicks (2010)

S4 E7 Dec 8, 2021

These Little Corn Chompers! Megan Gailey (Megan Fun of Sports, I Love A Lifetime Movie) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss the 30 for 30 doc Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs The New York Knicks. Megan shares her feelings on Victor Oladipo leaving the Pacers and the new Malice at the Palace documentary. The gang also discusses Rick Carlisle’s return, choosing a team for baby, Patrick Ewing, Crazy Love, Reggie’s shit talking, Steve Alford, Megan’s diary, Cheryl Miller, Serbian brothers, Spike Lee, Trey Young, and all the fights in the 90s. Will Megan paint Reggie’s famous choke photo on her baby’s wall? Gotta listen for the answer!

Andy Greene + Choosing a Team

S4 E6 Dec 1, 2021

Dorts Jorts! Andy Greene (The Naked Man Podcast) joins Agata and Anastasia to search for a new team. Andy shares his love for horror movies and his grief over the Seattle Supersonics. The gang also chats Shawn Kemp, improv, Ja’s dunks, the Glove, Thunderstruck, troll Trey Young, polyamory, glue guys, savage and funny Steven Adams, blackout games, cute little puppies, hot Zach LaVine, and fun guy Kawhi. Will Andy walk away from this episode with a team in his heart? You’ll get the answer if you hit play!

Agata, Andy & Anastasia

Jacquis Neal + Bulls are Back

S4 E5 Nov 24, 2021

Waiting to Not Suck! Jacquis Neal (The Cast with Rae & Jacquis) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss the rebirth of the Bulls. Jacquis shares his love for Chicago and his thoughts on Thanksgiving food. The gang chats Alex Caruso, snow, Chicago Sky, aging LeBron, comedian LaMelo Ball, sitting courtside, Candace Parker, Stacey King, Bronny, Sue Bird & Megan Rapinoe, Coby White sitting in your lap, and Paul Pierce’s shitty pants. Will you get a great mac and cheese recipe from this episode? Better listen to find out!

John Haskell + Following LeBron’s Career

S4 E4 Nov 17, 2021

A Short Breadmaker! John Haskell (The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss some basketball news. John shares his dance off with Stuff the Magic Dragon, his crush on Brooke Shields, and his Sixers fandom. The gang chats Joel Embiid, big balls, Steve Guttenberg, karaoke, KG, Nicolas Cage, the fun Warriors, starter jackets, cigarettes, Liz Cambage, Christmas movies, Paul Hollywood, Fred Van Vleet, and sharing LeBron’s retirement. Will the gang pinpoint who Austin Reaves’s lookalike is? You’ll find out by the end of this ep!

Isaiah Lester + A Good Year for Sneakers

S4 E3 Nov 10, 2021

That Was Before Training Camp! Isaiah Lester (The History of Heat) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss this week in basketball. Isaiah shares his new podcast, his thoughts on sneakers, and his feelings about the Lakers this season. The gang also chats the Jokic-Morris beef, Salehe Bembury, the Dutch, Model Boyz, Adele, Anthony Davis’s sensitivity, computer science, divorced dads, Crocs, Carmelo Anthony, and Giannis’s white house visit. Will the gang guess which celeb with have the next McDonald’s meal? You’ll hear the answer if you press play!

Cody Ziglar + Anime Review: Kuroko no Basuke (S1 E1-2)

S4 E2 Nov 3, 2021

The Glue Guy! Cody Ziglar (Dark Weeb Podcast, Marvel Comics) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss Kuroko no Basuke. Cody shares his anime history and cooking journey. The gang also chats Toonami, Halloween costumes, Jason Williams, fanfic, Dragon Ball Z, crushes, scary movies, Slam Dunk, and basketball super powers. Will the gang become Kuroko super fans? Gotta listen to find out!

Joe Mande + Undefeated Timberwolves

S4 E1 Oct 27, 2021

Tub Boy! Joe Mande (Hacks on HBO) joins Agata and Anastasia to discuss the first week of the NBA season. Joe shares his Alone fandom, his Shark Tank ideas, and his love for the Timberwolves. The gang also chats Anthony Edwards, jacked kangaroos, Lakers meltdown, ethical foie gras, KAT’s gorilla videos, How Hungry Are You?, hot tubs, Old Sheldon, 75th Anniversary Team, Joel’s home opener speech, LaMelo’s new suit, and Gabe’s foley work. Will the gang pool their money to buy Ben Simmons’s South Jersey mansion? Hit play for the answer!

Ariana Lenarsky + NBA Season Begins

S3 E52 Oct 20, 2021

Third Year Anniversary! Ariana Lenarsky (Dream City Tarot) joins Agata and Anastasia to kick off the NBA season. Ariana joins the five timers club, shares her motivation techniques, and recounts tales from her tour. The gang also chats Bones Hyland, KFC, financial security, spicy Diana Taurasi, autumn, mean daddies, Big Mama Stef, unpopulated Delaware, Kyrie, Jason Kidd’s collar, grey sweatpants season, emotive Ben Affleck, true love, and #MaloneyBaloney. Will the gang connect with Sheryl Crow? Gotta hear this ep to find out!

Edgar Momplaisir, Mike Benner, Mark Fox & Kevin O’Brien + Fantasy Draft 2021

S3 E51 Oct 13, 2021

The Two Kelly O’s! Edgar Momplaisir, Mike Benner, Mark Fox, and Kevin O’Brien join Anastasia and Gabe to draft their fantasy teams. The gang chats the Timelord, Dame’s music, the Bogdanovices, Bradley Beal’s height, Isaiah Stewart, Devin’s pre-game car, Zach LaVine’s Jewish heritage, LeBron v. Ball Family, Myles Turner’s age, a general F, Serge Gainsbourg, and the Dunktown draft jingle. Will Agata and Zion Williamson heal their broken feet together? Go listen to it for the answer, you knuckle head!

Clockwise from top left: Anastasia, Edgar, Mike, Gabe, Kevin, Mark

Adrienne Rush + WNBA Semifinals

S3 E50 Oct 6, 2021

Games Four! Adrienne Rush (The Underground Railroad on Amazon Prime) joins Anastasia and Gabe to discuss the WNBA semifinals. Adrienne shares the status of the LA City women’s basketball league and her excitement for the coming NBA season. The gang also chats Diana Taurasi’s 37 point game, Kuz hanging with lobbyists, Slooty, hunky Lonnie Walker, Briann January, Joel Embiid shit talking, Kahleah Copper’s speed, rest protocol, NBA vaccine chaos, the new Bulls, the Ben Simmons dilemma, Liz Cambage, the banana boat crew, and a Suns Mercury double bill. Will the gang hear a discription of a cute dog? You know you have to hear the ep to find out!